Trekking Peaks in Myanmar

Although not well known yet Myanmar has lots to offer for mountaineers, climbers and trekkers. You will be among the first travelers trekking these remote trails.

Discovery DMC and Trekking Myanmar team has been organizing treks to some of the most remote corners of the country for well over 10 years. Most of these are still not in guide books and destinations remain untouched and unique.


There are several trekking peaks and summits in Myanmar which we have listed here. These are the most accessible peaks where trekking tours can be organized within reasonable time frame.

We can also arrange trips to Hkakaborazi and Gamlang Razi among other peaks which require months of travel time and lots of special arrangements.

Trekking peaks in Myanmar

Our friendly team would be happy to help arranging a customized trip for you. 

Mt Phongun – Phonekan Razi 3660m

“Phongun” is the most climbed trekking peak in Myanmar Himalaya. It has relatively easy approach along maintened trail contouring long mountain ridge ascending gradually to the summit.

Phongun trek is offers moderate challenge, no technical climbing or mountaineering experience is required for scaling this peak.

Climbing Phongun requires usually 5 nights camping on the mountain.

When to go: October-April. In Jan & Feb there will be more snow on the top.

Trekking in Myanmar - walking holidays and Treks in burma - Phongun Trek
During the trek you will be accompanied with our guide and support team which usually consists of porters, a cook and assistants. We support local economy and employ local villagers who are from Rawang and Lisu minorities. These hospitable but shy people are always ready to lend a hand when needed.

trekking in myanmar - putao treks - Phongun Razi mountain
The Phogun trek ascends from semi deciduous forests to cloud and rhododendron forest where thick lichen is hanging from the tree branches. We set our camps in a few cleared areas in the forest.

At higher altitude the forest changes to alpine and pine trees become dominant. The climb to the summit is up steeper snow covered slope with some small bamboo and shrubs. On a clear day you can enjoy nice panorama to other peaks by the India border like Phangran Razi.

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Phonyin Razi – Mt Ponyin 4330m

Best high mountain trek in the north of Myanmar for those who don’t have much time and prefer to keep tent nights to minimum.

trekking in myanmar - putao treks - Phonyin Razi mountain

When to go: October-April. In Jan & Feb there will be more snow on the top.

Phonyin gets only a few dozen climbers each year. It is not uncommon that our team needs to clear some part of the trail as we advance, especially after summer season when foliage has overgrown the trail.

The trekking route travels through high grass lands, ascending to mystical cloud forest where lichen and moss hang from Rhododenron trees. Higher up we will arrive to alpine forest where evergreens dominate and finally around 3800m above the tree line rest of the way is up snow covered rocky slopes and couloirs.

There are 2 roof covered shelters / refuge huts along the way and last night camping is on snow. Climb to summit is not technical but it is strenuous especially if there is snow and no foot packed trail.

Nice panoramic views to India and Myanmar Himalaya will reward those who made it to the summit.

Trekking in Myanmar Himalaya


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How to get there? 
There are flights to Putao almost everyday by 4 airlines. Travel permits are still required when travelling outside of Putao Valley. Discovery DMC will arrange the permits for its clients.