Kalaw trekking

Kalaw to Inle Lake Trekking Tour

We started our three days trek with our guide from Kalaw at 8 o’clock in the morning. First we walked couple of hours before having our first resting stop with a beautiful view. We continued through the mountains, tea plantations, jungle paths and small villages to our lunch break spot.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Views near Kalaw

The lunch was delicious, we had many kind of local dishes, for example avocado salad, fried noodles and fresh fruits. The food was served with a green tea but also some other beverage options were available like beer and sodas. All the meals that we had on the trek were tasty and there were always enough food for the whole group.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Tasty lunch prepared by our trekking guide

After the lunch we continued our trek and visited a local elementary school. Kids were practising English and it was easy to hear even from a long distance, when their teacher asked them to repeat after her the kids used they voice as loud as they could. In the school there were five different classrooms starting from a first class where the youngest students are five years old.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Lively students in class

We continued walking on the railway and passed a small railway station. We arrived our first homestay before the sunset and had a great dinner in a candlelight. The bathroom facilities were very simple, we had a basket shower and a local toilet to use. We slept in a big room with warm blankets and we also had electricity lamp in our room.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Farming village

Next morning after the breakfast we continued our trek through small villages, fields and forests. We visited a local 70- years old Pa O- lady who weaves traditional scarfs and bags. Pa O is seventh biggest ethnic nationality in Myanmar and they traditionally wear colourful scarfs as a turbans.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Pao lady

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Bullock cart and farmer

On the second day we passed many chilli and sesame fields and saw beautiful Poinsettias, known also as a christmas flowers. On the way we met many farmers with the animals like cows and buffalos. We always had time to stop to take pictures or rest in a shadow. During the day temperatures were around 25 celsius degrees and the sun felt very hot, so it was important to wear a hat and remember to drink a lot.

Our next homestay village was much bigger than the first one, in the second village there were living 100 families when in the first village only 25. Before the dinner we had time to explore the village and enjoy the sunset. Next morning we started our final day after a delicious pancake breakfast. On the way to the Tone Le lake village we met many friendly locals and had beautiful sceneries.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Pao ladies selling scarfs

On the last day we trekked only 4 hours until we reached the final village where we had lunch before taking a boat ride to Nyaungshwe. Our luggage were already waiting for us at the hotel in Nyaungshwe so we didn’t have to worry about that. The boat ride took one hour so we got an nice overview of Inle Lake.

kalaw to inle lake trekking tour

Inle Lake – resting legs

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