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Swedish climber group on the summit of Mt Phonyin Razi 4200m in Oct 2016

We are Myanmar based expatriate adventurers and local travel professionals who love to trek, cycle and explore the country. Our team includes some of the most experienced adventure travel experts in the country.

We have organized many nature-, wildlife and mountaineering expeditions to remote regions in Myanmar as well as operate luxury cycling tours with special touches. Whether you are looking for a private trip or join in group tour you can rest assured to be looked after well by a professional team.

Our company mission is to deliver authentic and unique travel experiences at fair price.
We support local communities in various ways and are committed to sustainable tourism practices.

Introducing the Team of Trekking Myanmar & Discovery DMC 

Mika Itavaara / Managing Director

Mika is one of the pioneering adventure travel tour operators and travel agents in Myanmar with excellent country knowledge. He has over 15 years experience of organizing tours in Myanmar and has traveled far and wide across the country. He still loves to survey and research new ideas for our adventure travelers. He also has contributed to several travel guide books as Myanmar specialist.
Before moving to Myanmar Mika owned leading active travel tour operator in Scandinavia. He has organized and lead trips from Iceland, European peaks, Central Asia, Africa, South America to Vietnam and Borneo jungles.

Southeast Asia and Myanmar have always had a special appeal to Mika which convinced him to move to Myanmar and pursue his dream of being explorer to remote frontiers.

Ivan Golikov / General Manager

Ivan also arrived to Myanmar around 15yrs ago while still working on completing his Southeast Asian studies and thesis on Kingdoms of Taungoo. Fascinated by the culture, people and language of Myanmar Ivan decided to stay. He is fluent in Burmese and has extensive knowledge of the country. Ivan has contributed to Nat Geo and Conde Nast Traveller (Russian edition) among many other publications as a Myanmar specialist.

Ivan’s passion is to ride his mountain bike and motorcycle and to explore many the remote regions and unknown deserted beaches of Myanmar. He did last year 6000km motorbike trip mapping out best routes for our road adventures.

Oskar Koski / Adventure Manager

Oskar is our business developer and adventures manager. He is bright and enthusiastic young professional who had already finished his MBA at age of 23. Oskar returned back to Myanmar to work with us full time after his tenure with Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. Oskar is developing our trips portfolio and coordinating our adventure tours sales and marketing activities.

Oskar has lived most of his life in Southeast Asia and thus has travelled extensively in the region and knows well what are the most amazing places to visit and how to avoid the crowds.

He is passionate foodie and adventurer. Beyond Myanmar explorations Oskar traveled recently to trek in Nepal.

Introducing our Guides

JAPHA (Mr.) Trekking, Mountaineering and Rafting

Japha grew up in a Lisu minority village near Putao in family of 12. After his basic education in Putao he continued studies in a university in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state where he took every opportunity to travel around in Myanmar and developed passion for adventure sports.
From Myitkyina Japha was fortunate to further his education in Bangalore, India where he studied English and Theology. In 2011 Japha returned back to Putao to get married, and started his career as guide. During the past years he has been leading various treks, peak- and river expeditions. Japha is fluent in english, burmese, lisu and rawang languages. During his freetime he volunteers at Putao bible school teaching English to students.

Age: 34 yrs
Guiding: 7 yrs
Hobbies & interests: mountaineering, mountain biking, motorbiking, exploring

MOE (Mr.) – Walking Tours

Moe has been guiding for us over 10 years and has well over 20 years of experience in the tourism field. His excellent knowledge of the country and witty sense of humor will easily win you over. Moe loves to share stories, show the unusual and share his passion for Myanmar and travel. Discover the hidden treasures and real Myanmar life and humanity with Moe. Moe lived and worked some years in Singapore with his family and returned back to Myanmar when political reforms opening started.

Age: 47 yrs
Guiding Experience: 23 yrs
Hobbies & Interests: reading, travelling, fishing, music

TUN (Mr.) – Walking & Photography Tours

Tun is very experienced and organized guide and active member of tour guides association and an author for some domestic travel publications. Tun is very knowledgeable and switched on person. In his company, not only will guests gain better understanding of Myanmar’s history and culture, he will also keep them entertained with his little box that travels everywhere with him. To find out what’s inside you need to travel with Tun. On this free time Tun loves to travel and he has been already to Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries in Asia to explore the local cultures and traditions.

Age: 43 yrs
Guiding Experience: 15 yrs
Hobbies & Interests: reading, politics, travelling, music

CHO CHO (Ms.) – Cycling, Walking & Photography Tours

Ma Cho comes from Taunggyi in Shan state and is one of our best guides. We have gotten continuously raving reviews and feedback of her from clients for the last 10 years. Her warm, curious and modest personality and passion for the country and its people wins hearts easily over.
When not leading tours Cho Cho volunteers as teacher and is involved with charity and educational projects to help poor communities in need in Shan state.

Age: 49 yrs
Guiding Experience: 17 yrs
Hobbies & Interests: travelling, cooking, singing

SAI (Mr.) – Trekking & Culture

Gentle and knowledgeable. Sai has very pleasant personality and is our most senior guide in Mandalay with extensive knowledge of Myanmar and excellent language skills. Sai loves to share his knowledge of the ancient royal kingdoms of Myanmar around Mandalay and his love for Myanmar and Shan culture and people. Discover the best tea shops and hidden treasures of Mandalay with Sai or take a scenic mountain trek through his home region. Sai is originally from Kyaukme, a small trading town in Northern Shan State near mountains. His favourite regions to travel are upper Shan state Hsipaw, Kyaukme and Mogok.

Age: 58 yrs
Guiding: 16 yrs
Hobbies & Interests: Travelling, trekking, playing badminton

TINMI (Ms) – Treks, Cycling, Bird Watching and Wildlife

Passionate nature explorer Tinmi spend much of her time on bird watching trips and exploring remote regions. She has climbed a mountain in Myanmar Himalaya, traveled through Chin State and Nagaland remote areas guiding travelers. In addition to nature and treks guiding Tinmi spent couple years working as resident guide for luxury cruise vessel on Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers. When not on nature tours Tinmi guides cultural tours around Myanmar.

DEE DEE (Mr) – Trekking

Dee is our man in Kyiang Tong. After living and working 5 years in Thailand he returned back to his native region in eastern Shan state and Kyiang Tong. Dee Dee is from Akha hill tribe and one of the few who can speak well not only Akha dialects but also English, Thai, Chinese, Shan and Burmese. When traveling with Dee Dee to villages you will surely get local insights and can have good communication with the locals. Everyone seems to knows him.

TAN TUN LAY (Mr) – Cycling and Trekking

As a native of Pao minority and mountain region near Inle Lake Tan Tun Lay is at home on the mountains and trekking around. Shan state is his favorite region for its variety of tribes and tapestry of cultures. You will find Tan Tun Lay often trekking around Shan state with our clients and exploring back roads and villages on mountain bikes.

MAUNG CHIT (Mr) – Cycling and Trekking

Maung Chit is also from Pao community near Inle Lake and one of our most popular guides in Shan State. Maung participated in caving training workshop recently and is passionate adventurer who likes to cycling and trekking. He has excellent knowledge of places in Shan State from Ywagan, Pindaya, Kalaw, Kakku and Inle Lake.

SAI WUNNA (Mr) – Cycling and Trekking

Sai is one of our most experienced guides with 20yrs of experience in Bagan region. He has been guiding lots of different types of travelers ranging from top executives to luxury cycling tour clients to botanists, bird watchers, archeologists etc in Bagan and Mt Popa region. Has been also to many other corners of the country including Mt Victoria and Chin State.

ROMEO – Trekking and Motorcycle Tours

Based in Kyaukme in Northern Shan State. Romeo has been leading many treks between Hsipaw, Kyaukme and Namsan. He is from Palaung minority and when not guiding he is teaching English to students in Kyaukme. Romeo’s favourite places are Palaung hills and tea plantations off Kyaukme where he often treks and does motorcycle tours.

ALEX – Adventure guide

You will get to travel with Alex on our Lashio adventures. If there was a Myanmar Tarzan title that would belong to Alex. Full of energy, always there to assist in sketchy spots and when going gets tough. Alex loves adventures in northern Shan state and particularly around Lashio region. He will take you on motorcycle or 4WD adventures to hidden waterfalls, mountain biking trails and cave explorations. He never gets tired of showing one more awesome cliff jumping spot to gushing waterfalls and shows how its done.

About Our Company

Our company is called Discovery DMC – which stands for destination management company.
We are a travel wholesaler and travel services provider to many travel companies and travel agencies abroad.

Because there is so much to offer in Myanmar we decided to divide our tours to own niche websites where we can keep updating latest tours and relevant information.

All these sites are marketing arms of Discovery DMC which is Myanmar registered and licensed tour operator. Our head office is situated in Yangon.

Our niche sites are:

Our company Discovery DMC deals with other kinds of tourism and has substantial volume and has contracts with most hotels in Myanmar. So we can conveniently offer you any standard accommodation from the lux to economy to meet your requirements.

Your tour bookings and requests are handled by our adventure team who will be pleased to assist putting together a perfect trip for you.

Let the journey begin! Get in touch our team